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When will they ever learn?

I'm annoyed with the human race, well, mostly with the younger generation. I dunno, there are a lot of morons out there. Now I'm not talking about my friend on my list, because there the shit. Randi and Steph are more with it than most of my friends. And Lizzie knows the truth and doesn't need to prove herself, just because she doesn't live in HOTTOPIC clothes. They're the expections to this rant, but I digress.

But there are some idiots that can't get over what MTV plays! There is more to life than that!! I dunno, maybe I was more mature then, but I didn't give two shits about what that channel played. Granted, I was lucky enough to have Alternative Nation, 120 mins and greenday & Rancid on heavy rotation.

But did I complain about them showing a Mariah Carey video? No. If I didn't like something, I turned it off. I had to deal with Ace of Base people, I did a lot of switching back then. But I didn't bitch and moan about it. Jesus, I can't stand these kids. I mean, they think just because they listen to Simple Plan and GC they're punk rock. PUH-LEZE! Start listening to The Clash, The Minutemen or Minor Threat and then talk to me about how "punk" you are. Actually, don't because if you have to say you're "punk" - you're not. Because they're just a bunch of posers, who are looking for something to latch onto and to make them "cool". F THEM!
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