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When will they ever learn?

I'm annoyed with the human race, well, mostly with the younger generation. I dunno, there are a lot of morons out there. Now I'm not talking about my friend on my list, because there the shit. Randi and Steph are more with it than most of my friends. And Lizzie knows the truth and doesn't need to prove herself, just because she doesn't live in HOTTOPIC clothes. They're the expections to this rant, but I digress.

But there are some idiots that can't get over what MTV plays! There is more to life than that!! I dunno, maybe I was more mature then, but I didn't give two shits about what that channel played. Granted, I was lucky enough to have Alternative Nation, 120 mins and greenday & Rancid on heavy rotation.

But did I complain about them showing a Mariah Carey video? No. If I didn't like something, I turned it off. I had to deal with Ace of Base people, I did a lot of switching back then. But I didn't bitch and moan about it. Jesus, I can't stand these kids. I mean, they think just because they listen to Simple Plan and GC they're punk rock. PUH-LEZE! Start listening to The Clash, The Minutemen or Minor Threat and then talk to me about how "punk" you are. Actually, don't because if you have to say you're "punk" - you're not. Because they're just a bunch of posers, who are looking for something to latch onto and to make them "cool". F THEM!
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While it is easy to get upset over such things, it is best not to let them get to you. Really, it is an endless debate that could go back and forth forever. It is not worth it to get caught up in all that because it really takes away not just from punk music, but all music. Labeling people as posers is just as deragatory as an angry parent labeling you as a punk to put you down. It is important to protect the intergrity of the music, but calling someone a poser is probably the least punk thing you can do.

We all could have been labeled as posers once in our lives. Some people just aren't exposed to certain things as readily or as easily as other people are. You can't expect people to be exposed to everything that could be called punk. It is impossible. A lot of kids can't make it out to punk shows to buy band t-shirts and Hot Topic is their only real way to get access to such things. If they think they are better than you because they wear those clothes, then they're wrong and you should know they're wrong. But, you can't think you are better than them for dressing that way either. Clothing doesn't matter. People need to wear clothes and will wear as this wish.

Really, the best thing you can do is accept that they like different things than you do and they will think however they want, no matter if you try to prove them wrong. All that should matter is whether you fit your own definition of who you are. Fuck labels. People transcend labels.
First off, you're 15 years old. Secondly, you have no friggin right to tell me how I should feel, Junior. So you owe me an apology.

Thirdly, this is my opinion! And for you to sit there and tell me I'm wrong is so out of line, you have no idea. I've lived a life that you couldn't dream of and until you are on the same level as me, which you'll NEVER BE, then you can speak up. Until then, keep you're mouth shut.
Oh I'm sorry...your icon is Kelly Osbourne...that means your opinion means nothing! She's the biggest pile of MTV prefabricated shit rock in the all of music history. It's a shame that YOU, Ms. Anti Trendy, have fallen into the hole of the latest MTV Trend...the Osbournes. She has NO talent whatsoever.

The saddest thing is you let yourself get pissed off by a 16 year old! You are in no way better than anyone or on some higher "level", so fuck off and stop being so conceited.

If this life of yours is so great, why do you let meaningless livejournal nonsense get to you?
It took you two months to think of that? *yawn* I expected something better than that. haha

That's a shame. Yeah, there's something sad about someone in their mid twenties that still writes in an online journal.

Oh yeah, you're complaining about people that listen to Simple Plan and Good Charlotte and all those other absolutely talentless, unoriginal bands out there and yet you're one of those people that listen to them. Really, you should just stop talking. All you do is contradict yourself, ass.
so i'm pathetic? well, not that i need to defend myself, but i've been following the shitty bands for awhile. and i know they're not punk, but then again what is? it's a term that's been overused and over sold.

but everyone is different - i think the clash are musical geniuses and a band like oasis are a mediocre beatles cover band at best.

This coming from you who was trying to condemn everyone that didn't meet your definition of punk.

The Clash are musical geniuses, as are the Beatles. The thing with Oasis is that their musical style is completely different than that of the Beatles and the only way they can be considered a "Beatles cover band" is because both bands happened to be from Britain. How clever. Oasis is nothing like the Beatles. Basically almost any band that started after the early 80's will never, ever have the same ingenuity and influence as Zeppelin, the Beatles, the Clash, ACDC, Sex Pistols, etc.
okay, you know what? you go and you listen to rubber soul, the white album and let it be and then you listen to oasis and you sit there and tell me there is NO similarity.

oh yeah, just so you know, acdc is from australia and their families are from scotland. so get your facts straight.
I wasn't trying to name all British bands. It just works out that pretty much all great rock bands come from Britain. But really, Scotland has been part of the U.K since 1707, along with Wales and Northern Ireland all under the same royal family.
Hey, I'm in my mid twenties. I'm writing in an on-line journal.